Migrating from BRC-20 and ORC-20 is irreversible (not supported by indexer yet)

Migration is immutable and irreversible. Once the migration is made, the BRC-20 tokens are converted into ORC-20. Regardless the protocol value in the json data, upon the conversion all future operations must fully comply with the ORC-20 standard.

You can migrate existing BRC-20 or any ordinal token standard to ORC-20 by inscribing a deploy event with wrapper. Only the deployer (owner of the BRC-20 deploy inscription) can make the migration.

Example: migrating orc (inscription number #2504160) from BRC-20 to ORC-20 by inscribing the following migration event. (demonstration only)

  "p": "orc-20",
  "tick": "orc",
  "id": "2504160",
  "op": "deploy",
  "wp": "true"

After the migration, all orc tokens are now ORC-20. Future operations such as mint, send, and cancel must follow the ORC-20 standard.

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